Welcome to the 3-star Baie des Veys Campsite, a true paradise for lovers of good food and local produce. Located in the heart of the Cotentin region, our campsite offers you the opportunity to discover the region’s culinary treasures. In this article, we highlight our local partners who share our passion for handcrafted, eco-friendly products. From craft beers and Norman cheeses to seafood and typical Normandy cookies, let your taste buds guide you to an unforgettable taste experience. Book your family holiday now and immerse yourself in a world of flavours at Baie des Veys.

Oysters of Utah Beach Hamel & Sons

Let yourself be seduced by the delicious oysters of Utah Beach Hamel & Fils, our local partners with a passion for mariculture. Located close to the campsite, their oysters are raised in exceptional natural conditions, giving their flesh a unique taste. Enjoy them fresh, with a glass of local wine, and let the freshness of the sea envelop you. An unforgettable culinary experience not to be missed during your stay in the Baie des Veys.
utah beach oysters hamel & sons
Fresh, flavorful Utah Beach oysters, raised with passion by Hamel & Fils.

The orchards of Romilly

The Romilly orchards, close to the campsite, are renowned for their tasty, environmentally-friendly fruit. Here you can stroll through the orchards, pick your own seasonal fruit and enjoy apples, pears, plums and many other delicacies. These fruits, grown with care and respect for the environment, will delight your taste buds and give you a taste of the authentic freshness of the Cotentin region. Enjoy this unique family experience during your stay in the Baie des Veys.


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Bar du 6 juin / “La Madeleine” grocery store in Sainte Marie du Mont

For fans of craft beers and local produce, be sure to visit the Bar du 6 juin and the “La Madeleine” grocery store in Sainte Marie du Mont. These iconic venues offer an exceptional selection of uniquely flavored local beers and carefully selected regional produce. Take time to enjoy a cold beer while admiring the scenery, and take home tasty memories of the Cotentin region. A real invitation to discover the authentic flavours of the region.
Warm atmosphere and local produce at Bar La Madeleine, Sainte Marie du Mont.

The Saint-Mère-Église cookie

The Saint-Mère-Église cookie is a must-have sweet when visiting the region. Traditionally made for generations, this light-textured cookie with a subtle buttery taste is a real delight. Bite into this little treasure of Normandy pastry and let yourself be carried away by its melt-in-your-mouth sweetness. A real treat to savour during your stay in the Baie des Veys.


Delicious artisan cookies from 'Le Biscuit', Sainte-Mère-Église.

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Sainte-Mère-Église brewery

Beer lovers will be delighted by the Brasserie de Sainte-Mère-Église, located just a few steps from the campsite. This craft brewery offers awide selection of beers in a variety of flavors, crafted with passion and expertise. Discover the history of the brewery, let us guide you through the different stages of production and taste beers of character that reflect the authenticity of the Normandy region. A tasting experience that will delight craft beer lovers.


Taste artisanal beers from the Brasserie de Sainte-Mère-Église, an authentic taste experience.

The Baie des Veys and surrounding area is full of passionate local producers who invite you to discover the unique flavors of the Cotentin region.

From the oysters of Utah Beach Hamel & Fils to the orchards of Romilly, the Bar du 6 juin, the grocery store “La Madeleine”, the cookie of Saint-Mère-Église and the Brasserie de Sainte-Mère-Église, each tasting will plunge you into the very essence of Norman gastronomy. Book your family holiday at the 3-star Camping de la Baie des Veys now and let yourself be seduced by the culinary delights of the region, while supporting local producers and preserving the environment. A tasty and ecological experience not to be missed!
Bike rental: a new service at the campsite!

Bike rental: a new service at the campsite!

Welcome to Camping La Baie des Veys, a haven of peace nestled in the heart of unspoilt Normandy. We firmly believe that exploring the natural beauty that surrounds us should be accessible to all. That's why we're delighted to introduce our new partner, Loc & CO,...

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Where to escape before the start of the new school year?

Are you dreaming of a quiet couple’s vacation where you can recharge your batteries while immersing yourself in the captivating history of the Cotentin region? Look no further! The 3-star Camping de la Baie des Veys is the ideal place to combine relaxation and historical discoveries. Nestled in an unspoilt natural setting, our campsite offers you the chance to discover the region’s exceptional heritage.