Our accommodations

Discover this 3-star campsite which offers 58 pitches or 24 rentals (cottage, mobile homes, Viking tent).

mobilhome promenade classique cotentin

Mobile Home

You are still hesitating about the accommodation you will choose for your next vacation? The mobile home is ideal for a comfortable camping vacation! You have a kitchen area for a convivial moment while preparing meals, an individual terrace and a shower room.
It’s cozy, friendly and safe!

Cottage comfort

For your next family vacation, indulge yourself with top-of-the-line comfort! If you choose a cottage at our campsite La Baie des Veys, know that it brings together all the elements for a great holiday.

cottage nature normandie
Cottage comfort 1 bedroom 2 pers " sea view" kitchen from terrace

The cottages "sea view"

The sea view is a great advantage of some of our accommodations. In the morning, admire the natural spectacle that is the Baie des Veys from your kitchen, your terrace or even your bedroom!
You will love the large bay windows of the accommodation to fully enjoy this picture that nature offers us.

The "semi-covered terraces"

The terrace is an almost indispensable accessory. It’s actually the place to live, strictly speaking, since it’s about spending as long as possible in the open air during your vacation in Normandy.
Equipped with a terrace, the mobile home or cottage has an additional room. It is therefore the ideal place to eat, relax, read or have fun. Another advantage of the terrace: it protects the ground in case of rain and limits the exposure to the sun in case of strong heat.

cordelia semi covered terrace
mobil home 3 bedrooms seaside camping utah beach

The "3 rooms"

Are you planning to come with your family? Our 3-bedroom cottages and mobile homes are there for you! Perfect for group stays, they allow everyone to spend their holidays independently and have storage. Blow, you are at the Baie des Veys!

Unusual accommodations

Want to stay in a swamp cabin, viking tent or coco sweet? Let yourself be tempted by a unique moment in Normandy in our unusual accommodations within the campsite La Baie des Veys.

coco sweet camping normandie